Hello World!

16 Jun

We would officially like to welcome you to the blog and website for the book The Year of the Cicadas, due to be published the Summer or early Fall of 2012. We are so excited to begin the final stages of editing on the book!

Once published, author Catie Hartsfield, will be doing a book tour to help promote and raise awareness for The Year of the Cicadas as well as share her story with others. Catie’s life took a sudden tragic turn when her son, Bryant, fell from a 180 foot cliff during a camping trip. Unable to find any encouraging books at the time of her son’s accident, Catie made a promise to God that she would tell her story if her son survived. Catie hopes that her book will help bring hope to others who have faced or are currently going through a similar situation.

We look forward to updating you on the progress of the book and will be working hard behind the scenes to add more information to the site for you!

The Year of The Cicadas | Inspirational True Story | Author Catie Hartsfield | theyearofthecicadas@gmail.com


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