Book Club

7 Feb

Steve and I attended our first “gathering of friends,” brought together only to discuss our book, The Year of the Cicadas last night. This all happened because of one woman. She was so inspired by our story that she bought 15 books, went out and recruited 15 readers, and brought them together for one evening to spend with us! There was so much love in the room from all the women who had read our story, brought together by one woman who had reached out to them, only to share our story.

God was working in that room last night.  By us sharing our story, several other people came forward and shared part of their story.  It was beautiful.  My readers continue to amaze me.  I never imagined someone doing something like this for me, before I wrote this book.  The journey of our family’s healing has continued since we published our story.  The gift continues.  What an amazing journey I am on….can’t wait to share our next step with you.


If you would like to purchase multiple books for your book club we are more than happy to offer you a discount and would love to meet with your group for discussion. You can order your books here or contacts us for more information on setting up a meeting for your book club.


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