The Totem of the Cicada

26 Aug

I am often asked what the significance is of the title of my book: The Year of the Cicadas. I am astounded when someone asks me this question. My first thought is, “Did they read the book?” Often it is an interviewer and of course the answer is, “no they did not read the book.” That leaves me with a really hard question to answer in a short amount of time. How do you explain to someone the significance of the Cicada in our story? If it is an interviewer, I only have a five to eight minute slice of time to motivate someone who has never heard of our book, The Year of the Cicadas, to go out and purchase it right now while it is fresh on their minds. I usually answer something like this: “Well, it was the year of the seventeen-year Cicada emergence. They are woven throughout our story, signifying vulnerability and discovering your own voice, life/death and learning to sing your own song. Then I move on to talk about our story.”

A friend found this under animal totems. How perfect that the Cicadas were speaking to my heart, soul and mind throughout our struggles. She sent this to me and I think it speaks for itself. This is uncanny, strange, mystical and wonderful all at the same time. I hope this clears it all up.

Cicada Totem:
Cicadas aid in your emergence of You and understanding who you are by uncovering hidden truths and secrets that have been long forgotten. Usually this knowledge is just below the surface so listen to Cicada for he will teach where and how to look. Cicadas will help in the phase of birth, death and rebirth. Which part of the 13-17 year phase are you in? Cicadas will also teach the art of the communication using song or the written word. He will aid in transforming your own voice into an amplification of your heart and your desires to sing your own light. Are you living each moment in the “Now”? Are you to ready emerge from the illusion into the light of truth and understanding? Cicada will teach much if you are patient.

Once again, thank you to my creative, beautiful, thoughtful and amazing readers. You continue to help me grow in my understanding of both myself and of the world.




Our marketing plan is driven by one person at a time, and you play an integral role in helping this book find it’s way into the hearts and the minds of the people it was written for.

Want to help? Here are some of the things you can do:

Write a review on AmazonBarnes & Noble, or our

Tell a friend about our book or purchase a copy for them as a gift.

Take our book to your or your friends book club, church group, or start a small group to read the book together. We have study guide questions on our website to help guide you through conversations about the book.  You can get a discount through our website for multiple books purchased.

Write your local newspaper book reviewer and tell them how much you like our book.

Send a copy of our book or write to one of your favorite shows, like the Ellen ShowOprahThe View or Kathie & Hoda, tell them what you think about it.  It only does so much if I say my book is good, you the reader carry a lot more weight than I do with the outside world.

Pray for our message, that our story will reach the hearts and minds of the people who can help us to open the doors.  Pray that our story will help to inspire people who are in need and that our story finds a way into their lives.

Without you, the readers of  The Year of the Cicadas, this story would be in a shoebox in the top of my closet waiting for my grandchildren to discover it after my passing. Thank you for letting me see it find the light while I am still here.  You rock.


2 Responses to “The Totem of the Cicada”

  1. Dave Scheller August 27, 2013 at 12:45 pm #

    Pretty awesome!

  2. Anonymous August 26, 2013 at 11:30 pm #

    Love that you discovered the cicada as your Totem! Mine is the Great Blue Heron!

    – Valerie

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