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Radio Interview with Erin Campbell Ministries

24 Feb

I did my radio interview with Erin Campbell in January 2013 and it aired on February 17, 2013. The book was so new to me at the time that I was not blogging regularly then, but I wanted to share this incredible adventure with you now.

When I first met Erin I went to a speaking engagement at a church, a friend told me about her and I decided to “check her out.” I sat through the day, listening to a topic that I felt really didn’t pertain a lot to me. At the time I was lost, I was unsure. I was in the middle of writing The Year of the Cicadas and was not sure if I should finish it or not. At a break I spoke to Erin, well anyway I said “hello.” I was intimidated by her presence but she appeared to be kind and approachable. I went back in and finished the service, went home and back to writing. I had gotten what I needed from that experience.

After my book was finished, out of the blue I approached Erin via Facebook with my book, she was on vacation and happened to be in between books! She asked me to email her a copy and later asked for an actual copy, so I mailed it to her. I then invited her to a book signing, never expecting her to actually show up, and then she did! We talked about the book for what seemed like an eternity, she was so warm, loving and kind.

Then the invitation came to be a guest on her 1150 Sirius XM radio show, “Water through the Word.” I was so excited! Steve went with me for moral support and waited outside in the lobby while I went back.

I actually had on ear-phones, it was an official looking booth with a microphone and everything. We prayed before we started the interview, just looking across the desk at her, I was completely calm. She explained to me that I had no need to be nervous, that God had already prepared the hearts and minds of the people that were suppose to hear the broadcast. That is was in His hands and all I had to do was tell our story.

She prompted me with great questions, and the story poured out of me, you can hear the emotion in this interview. It was as raw as the actual writing of our story, The Year of the Cicadas. It took a month for the interview to be aired and I assume that God was waiting, for “the hearts and minds of the people who were suppose to hear it to be prepared.” I was sure that the interview would air at exactly the right day and at the right time for whomever it was to be ready.

If the day and time are now right for you, click here to listen to the interview….


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