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Reflections on Our Story

6 Feb
I have been working a lot of hours on promoting The Year of the Cicadas. I am really amazed at how much work goes into promoting a book. Funny, I expected a lot of work to go into the writing, and rewriting, the surprise has been how much effort and and time goes into the promotion of our story. If I had a large promotion budget, I would be doing ads and billboards, but that is not the case.We are operating a grass roots, out of the trunk of my car campaign. When I say we, I mean my children, husband and I, and you my wonderful readers. This effort would all be in vain if it were not for the support and encouragement I receive from all of you. The book clubs that you are taking my book to, the book signings that you keep showing up at and the ones you start up for me in different states and cities, the word of mouth campaign. The church groups and connections that you keep bringing to me. Thank you, thank you. In the words of my wonderful daughter-in-law, if this story changes the life of just one person, isn’t it all worth it? So, while I am in the trenches of promotion, I am asking you, my readers to let me know how this book is speaking to you? Are there people out there facing their own “cliff”? Perhaps it’s a TBI, a rocky marriage, an eating disorder, low self-esteem, or maybe you have lost your voice.

You are my eyes and ears into the community. Where do you see our book doing the most good? Is it your book club, your church, wounded warriors, or do you have another idea? Everyone who reads The Year of The Cicadas takes something different away from it. What is it saying to you?

Let me know, Catie
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