Radio Interview with Brian Thomas | 55KRC

21 Feb

I had a radio interview last Friday morning with Brian Thomas on 55KRC in Cincinnati, Ohio about my book, The Year of the Cicadas. I was really nervous about this interview even though it was my third radio interview about the book.

The journey of the book has been unbelievable to me. Who am “I” to be doing radio and television interviews? It still rocks my world!

Steve even went with me for moral support. We actually sat in the “green room” and yes, it was actually green. When I did the television interview for The Year of the Cicadas on Fox 19 Morning Xtra with Frank Marzullo, they also had a green room, but it was not painted green. Ha ha, the things I am learning. I was not that nervous before, but this time I was really nervous. I knew that this interview was not going to be about “why” I wrote the book, but about traumatic brain injuries.

I find it hard to believe that I am becoming a spokesperson for families recovering from a traumatic brain injury.

This is the part that makes me nervous. I take this responsibility very serious. I do not want to misrepresent the importance of this huge undertaking. It is an area of great variances, and my child has recovered. “Who am I, to be talking about this?” I wonder to myself. When actually, what I should be asking myself is “who am I not to be talking about this?”

We all have a “story” and each of us has a right to tell our story to the best of our ability.

The moment I sat down next to Brian Thomas, and put my mouth next to the “mike”, I was calm. His easy going manner, and energy immediately pulled me up to his level. The interview was fun, light hearted and a piece of cake. I hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed doing the interview. Our journey continues, and remember the only way out is through.


Listen to our interview with Brian Thomas of 55KRC here

Watch our television interview with Frank Marzullo of Fox19 here

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