Visit to Texas

21 Feb

Our most incredible book tour adventure continues. We have just returned home from another road trip, this time to Dallas, Texas. James hit the road with Steve and I and we were able to mix promoting the book with a family adventure, making it the best of both worlds. Long car rides, lots of talk, twizzlers and junk food.

My daughter Elizabeth is now married with two children and lives in Dallas, Texas. She has not been able to be at any of our book signings or book clubs in person, but has been such a part of our story in spirit and is in charge of our website and blog. It was great to include her in a piece of our adventure as we visited her in Texas. Elizabeth and her family are a very important piece of our continued journey.

It is hard to separate the two, the book and family, because the book is about family, and was written for our grandchildren.

This week we drove to Dallas to promote The Year of the Cicadas but to also dedicate my grandson at Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, Texas. Knowing that I have dedicated this story to my grandchildren it was all mixed together. Holding her two children in my arms, watching her and her husband put so much effort and love into their family was such a testimony to the generations to come.

Our book signing in Dallas/Frisco was our most intimate so far, but perhaps that’s the way it was meant to be. It was such an intimate weekend mixed with family, blessings, and God. Our journey continues………


The Year Of The Cicadas

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