It was the men who ruled the night…

25 Feb

The questions were insightful and the answers were beautifully articulated… I was so proud as a mother to watch and listen as Bryant and James responded so warmly and truthfully to the questions that were asked of them. The healing of our story continues. I found myself tearing up as both of these men (my sons) answered questions about their continuing journey. They shared how they both had to forgive each other but just as important to forgive themselves for each having placed the other in an impossible situation.

Everyone in the room knew that we were sharing a special moment. I watched as the eyes were glued to my sons, the audience wasn’t moving, people were leaning forward in their chairs expectantly. Men and women both were equally moved by our story, however it was the men who ruled the night. It was the husbands, fathers, and sons that were asking these questions of my sons and my husband. It was, for me, the moment that I realized that our book really isn’t just about a mother, wife, sister, and daughter. It is a story about fathers, sons, brothers, and husbands as well.

The once a month meeting of this “small group” of married couples that break bread, and talk about something Christ centered was a turning point for me. They had picked our book The Year of the Cicadas to read together, not just the wives, but everyone. The men were engaged in the struggles of our sons, and the patience and strength of my husband, Steve. Realizing that it was he, who had negotiated and navigated some incredible family dynamics to help me bring our story to the public and still have us all speaking with each other. Not only speaking but, there as a family to teach and guide others.

Yes, the questions were insightful and the answers were beautiful…our healing as a family continues as we walk this journey. Thank you to my family for allowing me to share this incredibly personal story.


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