Becoming an Indie Writer – A journey Through Self-Publishing

26 Feb

As an author of a book, you think that you are going to write your book, hopefully find a publisher and then be done. Maybe, but certainly not if you self-publish your own book, and become what is known as an “Indie Writer.” Promoting my book The Year of the Cicadas has taught me so much about the business, and about my own drive and tenacity, and even more about the power of prayer.

I work each day hopefully for a full 8 hours, some days only 4 or 5, but generally 30 to 40 hours a week learning how to promote my book The Year of the Cicadas.  I accomplished a real coup a few weeks ago by having a top 250 reviewer on Amazon review my book and give it five stars, this week I accomplished an even bigger coup by a Amazon Top Fifty Reviewer reading “The Year of the Cicadas” and giving it a five star review.  This is virtually unheard of with an Indie Writer, and I know it is an answer to a prayer, backed up by a lot of hard work, and sprinkled in with some dumb luck. To view our review from a Amazon Top 50 Reviewer click here. To view our review from a Amazon Top 250 Reviewer click here.

When I wrote this story down, I knew that God had given our family a miracle and I felt that he was asking me to record these miracles for people who may be struggling, to give them hope. I felt that this was my life’s purpose, something I needed to accomplish before I leave this earth.  After writing this story down, I prayed and asked him to open the doors if it was His will that the book see the light of day…well here we are, three months after printing our books.  The people keep coming forth to open the doors, and I believe the miracles keep happening with our story, via the book.  These top reviewers are bombarded daily with large publishing houses wanting them to review their books, and to have them take the time to accept our book, read our story and write such wonderful heart felt reviews about it, is truly the power of prayer.

I pray over our book each day and ask God to open the hearts and minds of the people who this book is intended for.  If  you are feeling moved by our story and want to help, there are many ways you can do this.  Our marketing plan is driven by one person at a time, and you play an integral role in helping this book find it’s way into the hearts and the minds of the people it was written for.

Want to help? Here are some of the things you can do:

Write a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or our website

Tell a friend about our book or purchase a copy for them as a gift.

Take our book to your or your friends book club, church group, or start a small group to read the book together. We have study guide questions on our website to help guide you through conversations about the book.  You can get a discount through our website for multiple books purchased.

Write your local newspaper book reviewer and tell them how much you like our book.

Send a copy of our book or write to one of your favorite shows, like the Ellen Show, Oprah, The View or Kathie & Hoda, tell them what you think about it.  It only does so much if I say my book is good, you the reader carry a lot more weight than I do with the outside world.

Pray for our message, that our story will reach the hearts and minds of the people who can help us to open the doors.  Pray that our story will help to inspire people who are in need and that our story finds a way into their lives.

I hope you enjoyed the reviews from Amazon and thank you all so much!  Without you, the readers of our book, this story would be in a shoebox in the top of my closet waiting for my grandchildren to discover it after my passing, thank you for letting me see it find the light while I am still here.  You rock.


Tell a friend, buy a book, post a review.

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