Facing Your Fears…

27 Feb

Sometimes book signings are a huge event, lots of people showing up, lots of books being sold.  Sometimes they are small intimate gatherings instead.  We recently had our third book signing in Cincinnati, on a rare sunny/warm late February Sunday afternoon, in the middle of flu season and during the Daytona 500. So, needless to say, unlike our other events, not that many people actually made it to this book signing.  It is a little like your worse nightmare, that dream that you are naked, and now have to walk around in public!!!

the year of the cicadas

I got to face what I thought was my worse book signing nightmare, an event where hardly anyone shows up, and it was actually okay.  It was better than okay, it was great!  Michelle and Tracy put so much effort, thought and time into prepping for this event.  Steve and I brought food and drinks, everything looked lovely, and the time for the event came and went with only one extra person showing up.  Yes I know, my worse book signing nightmare.  If only one person shows, I have to go on. Like my daughter-in-law Amanda reminds me, if our story helps just one person, it will make it all worth while.

Slowly over the course of two hours, a couple of other people drifted in, and we really have a lovely afternoon.  Sitting closely together, sharing our story with others, answering questions, and then eventually others sharing their stories with us.  We ate, hugged, talked and communed. What a gift! Now I know that no matter what happens at any event, I am prepared. I will have that lovely afternoon tucked away in my mind and now know that “your worse nightmare” is really only your mind trying to convince you that you are not worthy, but the reality is really what you make of it.  Thank you Tracy and Michelle for a very important lesson as our most excellent book tour adventure continues.  It turned out to be one of my most favorite events.



Our marketing plan is driven by one person at a time, and you play an integral role in helping this book find it’s way into the hearts and the minds of the people it was written for.

Want to help? Here are some of the things you can do:

Write a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or our website www.theyearofthecicadas.com

Tell a friend about our book or purchase a copy for them as a gift.

Take our book to your or your friends book club, church group, or start a small group to read the book together. We have study guide questions on our website to help guide you through conversations about the book.  You can get a discount through our website for multiple books purchased.

Write your local newspaper book reviewer and tell them how much you like our book.

Send a copy of our book or write to one of your favorite shows, like the Ellen Show, Oprah, The View or Kathie & Hoda, tell them what you think about it.  It only does so much if I say my book is good, you the reader carry a lot more weight than I do with the outside world.

Pray for our message, that our story will reach the hearts and minds of the people who can help us to open the doors.  Pray that our story will help to inspire people who are in need and that our story finds a way into their lives.

Without you, the readers of  The Year of the Cicadas, this story would be in a shoebox in the top of my closet waiting for my grandchildren to discover it after my passing. Thank you for letting me see it find the light while I am still here.  You rock.


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